NextLvl Studio (Beta) Announcement: Free live Pricing Widget

We are excited to announce the Beta version of our NextLvl Studio Free Live Pricing Widget! Part of our mission at NextLvl is to provide a resourceful platform for our community. Today we are taking the first step in doing so by launching our free live pricing widget!

While we are excited for the future of NextLvl and NextLvl Studio in this post we want to talk about and share information regarding the pricing widget such as how to use it and who it may be of most benifit for.

The Idea

At we share articles about technology products very frequently. However, there is usually one main issue. Product prices are ALWAYS changing. To keep every post we write up to date with product pricing manually... that would be impossible!

Like any roadblock in todays digital age, we did a quick google search expecting to find a quick and easy solution to this problem. Spoiler alert, we never found one...

The idea was simple. Create some sort of software/user interface which allows web creators to easily insert a product link and instantly receive a widget that displayed that price in real time.

Beta Version

While the idea may sound simple however, the coding aspect... is not so much. We hope you understand and we hope you can help us. Yes that's right. We want your feedback with making this live pricing widget the best it possible can be!

As of right now the generator supports 4 online retailers:

These were chosen as they are the main websites we use for our content. We are open to more suggestions going forward.

We developed this generator with customization in mind. While there are some limitations, there are 9 different fonts to choose from, including the ability to customize the color and size.

How to Use

Product URL box

Step One: Copy and paste any product link from a supported website into the "Product URL" box.

Step Two: Customize (Font, Color and Font Size

Step Three: Copy generated code and paste into website.

Live Product Pricing Generator

Practical Uses

While there are limited uses currently, we see this specific generator as a great tool to display a live product price from a variety of retailers. As we develop and explore different generators there are still many practical uses for this generator on its own.

One of the main benefits we see it providing is its time saving ability from a content creation standpoint. This allows our writers to write about a product and not have to worry about updating the pricing every time it changes. This will provide a better, more valuable user experience.

Please note: This generator is in it's very beginning stage. What can go wrong probably will.... Please understand that we are working on obtaining faster hosting to make everything load quicker.

Let us know what you think and how you plan to use it!